Here is Alia Bhatt’s review of Deepika and Ranveer’s ‘Padmaavat’

Here is Alia Bhatt’s review of Deepika and Ranveer’s ‘Padmaavat’


Amid threats of life and violence, Padmaavat was released on Thursday all over India, except for five states, which are considered to generate 25 percent of revenue for an Indian movie, despite the Supreme Court’s order to remove the ban.

With its release it turned out that all the controversies that continued for months in India and which led to the filmmakers to cut some scenes and even change name of the movie had nothing to do with reality.

Fringe groups of Rajputs had claimed the movie would feature a romantic liaison between Padmavati and 14th century Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji despite repeated denials by filmmakers.

The allegations of distorting ‘the historical facts’ were made without even watching the film which is based on fiction. Those who watched the movie on the first day have given positive responses on almost everything in the movie.

“The film celebrates Rajputs as brave warriors,” said one viewer.

After watching the movie, Bollywood beauty Alia Bhatt could not keep a stiff upper lip and showered praise for the story, direction and performances of lead actors of ‘Padmaavat’.

She lavished superlatives on all the lead casts and iconic film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

“Ranveer Singh you magnificent person! How you’ve done this??? Epic epic epic! Blown me away and how! Pure magic in Padmavat!!!!!!,” she said.


For Deepika Padukone she wrote on her social media account, “DP ? how can a human being look soooooo stunning!!! But what’s even more stunning is your strength and your eyes and everything you did in this film! @deepikapadukone ❤️❤️❤️”

“And last but definitely not the least my dear friend @shahidkapoor!!!! How you manage to make every character look like you belong there amazes me. ?? Gave me soo many moments of goose flesh! ?#Padmaavat,” she tweeted.

Alia Bhatt also thanked Bhansali for the experience this flick had given her and expressed anticipation for his next movie.

“Sanjay sir you have nailed it once again with the world you’ve given us! Can’t wait for your next magical piece already! Running out of big beautiful words to describe your films ☺️? Thank you for this experience ?#SanjayLeelaBhansali,” she said.

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