Holland approves ban on burka and veil

Holland approves ban on burka and veil


The First Chamber (Senate) of Holland approved today (26.06.2018) by majority and after a debate of years a ban on the burka, the veils or helmets that cover the face. The Second Chamber (low) had approved the bill already in 2016.

According to the law, burkas, veils and helmets that cover the entire face in public transport, schools, hospitals and state buildings will be prohibited, a measure that had unleashed strong criticism from jurists.

Opposition politicians said it was a symbolic policy. The right-wing populist Geert Wilders had presented the first bill to ban the burqa over 13 years ago. What is still unclear is how the law will be implemented and whether bus drivers, for example, will not be able to transport more women who wear veils or burkas.

It is estimated that in the Netherlands there are some 400 women who wear a burka or veil. The prohibition can only be implemented in early 2019.

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