It’s official! Pakistanis await the ‘Biryani festival’

It’s official! Pakistanis await the ‘Biryani festival’


KARACHI: It’s official! The Sindh Governor House will host an international ‘Biryani Festival’ every year.

“Such fiestas will be held every year and upcoming festival will be given status of an International festival,” the governor said while addressing in a lunch ceremony, held by Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan in the metropolis.

This was announced by Governor Imran Ismail at a lunch gathering organised by the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) on Thursday. He said that the government will help increase rice exports to $4 billion.

Currently, rice exports are estimated at $2bn, said the governor, adding that the REAP’s members would have to work toward the target.

The governor explained that the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government was giving special weightage to every export commodity in order to increase the foreign exchange coming into the country. “People are right about us being inexperienced in corruption,” he said. “But we want to bring Pakistan out of debt,” he added.

The governor said that rice exporters were one of the largest breadwinners for the country. “Our government gives special importance to your needs,” he told the REAP’s members.

Mr Ismail said steps taken by the government will soon bring visible results and added that the doors of the Governor house are always open for exporters.

Earlier, former chairperson of REAP, Abdur Raheem Janoo, had addressed the gathering in which he had lamented that rice exports to China had decreased to the current 7,000 tonnes from 30,000 tonnes at one point.

Janoo said that the REAP wanted to organize a ‘Biryani Festival’ at the Governor’s House. “Rice exports had increased when REAP organized ‘Biryani Festivals’ in 14 countries,” he said.

Back in month of July 2018, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) had declared that Pakistan rice exports exceeded by $2 billion mark for the financial year ended 2017-18.

Pakistan’s rice is amongst the best rice in the world, previously in FY15 rice exports of Pakistan surpassed the $2 billion mark and the trend has always showed continuous improvement. However, Pakistan is accomplishing its export target of 4 million tons.

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