Press Release: Provincial Cultural Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan visits Alhamra Arts Center

Press Release: Provincial Cultural Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan visits Alhamra Arts Center


Provincial cultural minister Fayyaz ul Hassan visited Alhamra arts center on 03. 09. 2018 in the afternoon at the Mall.

Other key attendants of the event were as follows: Chairman Board of Governor Mr. Tauqeer Nasir, Executive Director Alhamra Capt. R Atta Muhammad Khan, Director Arts and Culture Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi, Deputy Director Admin Mr. Aftab Ansari and other officerss attended the meeting.

Executive Director, Alhamra Arts Council Capt. R Atta Muhammad Khan briefed the audience about activities, projects and future plans pertaining to Alhamra arts council event.

Cultural minister Fayyaz ul Hassan also paid a visit to Alhamra’s Halls, Art Gallery, library, Archive center and Alhamra’s Music Studio – He profoundly acknowledged the efforts of Alhamra arts council that had promoted Punjab’s very own culture in its truest essence.

In his statement he said, “I have three to four agendas’ that are to be discussed here today.”

First and foremost being a painting competition in which participants would be required to paint the name of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.). Subsequently, the one who would paint The Holy Prophet’s name in an exceptionally artistic way will be awarded with a prize.

Secondly, there would be a music campaign initiated namely, “Punjab Idol”, which would be a competition amid audience.

Last, but not the least, Fayyaz urges Chairman Tauqeer Nasir, Alhamra’s Executive Director Alhamra Capt. R Atta Muhammad Khan and Director arts and culture Mr. Zulfiqar Ali zulfi to draft a theatre drama based on the life of a martyred soldier – Maqbool Hussain, who was a brave soldier of Pakistan Army in 1965, and was an active participant in the 1965 War against India, where he was later taken into custody by the Indian army.

The Indians however, had tortured Maqbool Hussain in unimaginable ways; by cutting off his tongue and by depriving him of the following label: ‘prisoner of war’.

Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan directed the team to draft the plot with accordance to the deceased’s entire life at their earliest possible convenience.

Alhamra‘s Executive Director and other officials were further assured that the draft would be presented to them within the next 15 days.

Moreover, Mr. Fayyaz also showed immense appreciation towards Alhamra’s collaboration and unflagging coordination.

Likewise, Shahzad Rafique’s Film “Salute” was based on a teenager student (late) Aitazaz Hassan Bangash who sacrificed his life to shun suicide bombers attempt, who intended to blow up a school in the village of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa.

Thereby, Fayyaz Ul Hassan also vowed to promote this film on a national level once again, assuring that PTV as well as all other local channels will broadcast this movie.

At the end of the meeting, Fayyaz revealed the core passions of his life. The first being our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and second being ‘Pakistan’.
He said we have to take some necessary steps for the world to acknowledge the glory of Pakistan.

Public information officer, Alhamra Arts Council Samreen Bukhari assured the audience that according to the Provincial Minister of Information & Culture, Mr. Fayyaz Ul Hassan, Alhamra’s Executive team is resolved to work on all four agendas’ that were discussed earlier during the meeting.

Chairman Alhamra Mr. Tuqeer Nasir and Executive Director Alhamra Arts Council Capt. R Atta further expressed their willingness and dedication towards the assigned tasks by assuring the team to get done with it at the earliest.

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