How to rant (intelligently) can help you not lose your job by a fit of fury

How to rant (intelligently) can help you not lose your job by a fit of fury


“There is nothing wrong with ranting, but only if you do it right,” says Carl Richards, financial consultant and author of the book “The Behavioral Gap”.

“If you do it wrong, you can lose your job,” he adds.

His proposal is basically cursing in a productive way. And the idea came to him after sending an angry email .

“There is a person who helps me organize the trips, I was tired, I had not slept in my bed, something did not go well and it was not even a big problem, but I got angry, so I wrote an email to this person. In the end, it was me who had done something wrong, “says Richards.

“Never, but never, it’s a good idea to send a work email while being upset,” headds.

“I remember that I had a difference of opinion with an employee, I wrote an email, but before I sent it, I went for a walk, and when I returned, 15 minutes later, everything was better.”

The expert defends that there are ways to vent your anger without running the risk of losing your job.

How? Richards defined four clear rules to achieve it.

Rule 1:

If you are angry, it is better not to send an email. Even if you think you are right and that the other person is completely wrong, do not do it.

It is better to think 10, 20 or 100 times before ending up repenting for an outburst that, in addition to having consequences, is irrefutable because it has been in writing.

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Image caption One option is to send an email to oneself unloading the rage, or to invent a false mail to rant.

The same applies to everything you post on social networks or in WhatsApp messages.

“If you need to download, send the email to yourself,” says Richards.

“Sometimes, the only thing you really need is the satisfaction of pressing the ‘send’ button.” It does not necessarily matter who the message arrives at.

Another practical suggestion of the author is to invent a “fake email” to send all your angry emails.

But of course, attention: the important thing is not to make mistakes when putting the recipient.

Rule 2:

Find a friend who listens to you.

“If you curse in a forest and nobody hears you, is it satisfying? Maybe not.”

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Image caption If you’re going to rant against a colleague, it’s better not to do it with another co-worker. Find a friend

According to the consultant, a person feels good ranting when there is someone who can listen to their offenses.

But you have to choose the right person, instead of unloading our anger with the person we are upset with.

Another important thing, he says, is that if you’re going to speak badly of a colleague, you should not do it with another co-worker .

It is best to get rid of frustration with someone you trust and who is not involved in the situation as much as possible.

Rule 3:

Do not do it in public. There are certain things that are best done in private and ranting is one of them.

The best thing is to take a breath, find a friend and go to a quiet place where you can vent the rage .

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Image caption Cursing in public is a bad idea.

Basically, when one is in that state of obfuscation, it is better not to be seen by everyone. For what?

That moment will happen and then there will be the image of a person cursing or out of control, which may actually be very far from the person you really are.

Rule 4:

Do not curse to fix things. “Despotricating is for you, your outburst will not change the situation or the person you’re frustrated with,” says Richards.

It is better to keep that goal for later. “Think of ranting as something you do for the purpose of changing yourself, take out everything you have saved.

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Image caption The bad words “can do you good”, but you have to know where and to whom to tell them.

This method assumes that when you have taken care of yourself, you can start thinking about how to fix the problem.

The important thing, says Richards, is to stop cursing in a way that ends up hurting you.

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