How to avoid becoming the most “hateful” contact in your WhatsApp groups

How to avoid becoming the most “hateful” contact in your WhatsApp groups


Being an administrator of a WhatsApp group is a double-edged sword …

WhatsApp groups … who does not belong to one of them? Nowadays, it is almost impossible to avoid them.

The most frustrating part is that the rules that govern regular conversations do not do much good on the popular messaging platform.

In what other situation can one touch a button incessantly to talk about the time when to get together with a friend to drink something in six weeks?

And, nevertheless, the number of groups does not stop increasing. That is why it is important to establish some standards.

And although it is not necessary to follow them necessarily, it is possible that they avoid you becoming the most ” obnoxious ” member of the group.

What are the worst practices of WhatsApp and how to avoid them?

Do not keep conversations with a single person

This is something that should be avoided altogether.

First of all, it is a “group chat”, so having a conversation that affects only one of its members is a big mistake.

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Post only things that everyone is interested in or can participate in.

If you want to say something to someone in particular, the solution is simple: send a private message to that person.

Not everyone wants to know what time you’re going to the cinema with your friend Jaime if the others are not invited .

Check that you send the message to the correct group

Check it one, two and even three times if necessary before pressing the “Send” key.

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If you make a mistake, you may end up in an embarrassing situation .

And even that you have to leave the group, or spend the rest of your days avoiding the people that were part of it.

Do not send spam

Sending spam messages in a WhatsApp group chat is a huge nuisance for its members.

And not. The world is not over: if you do not send a message to 10 of your contacts, you will not have bad luck for the rest of the year.

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Image caption “If you send this message to 10 of your friends …”: Spam is not usually well received by other friends on WhatsApp.


And if WhatsApp becomes a paid application, the platform will probably contact you. They already have your number.

Less is more

If you can summarize what you want to do on a line, why use 10?

Do not be a ghost member

There is no space in a group chat for people who do not want to talk.

Moreover, everyone can see that you have received and read the message and that you do not want to answer.

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Image caption Yes, your contacts have already seen that you read the message.


So if the rest of the members are waiting for you to make a decision, it is best that you respond as soon as possible. Not doing so could be very frustrating .

Ask for permission before adding someone to the group

Would you invite 30 strangers to your house and lock them in a room? That’s the feeling when they add you to a group without asking permission.

It is impolite not to ask someone before doing so.

And the same thing happens if you leave the group: explain why you do it , do not disappear without further ado.

It’s as rude as getting away from your friends without saying goodbye.

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