Humorous tweets: Ramadan on a lighter note

Humorous tweets: Ramadan on a lighter note


Ramadan is finally here and Muslims all over the world are rejoicing but let’s face it, it’s definitely a tough month to get through and a little bit of humour helps!

We’re living for these hilarious reactions and memes from people kicking off the holy month:

All smokers right now

Frandshippers know no bounds

Ouch! Right in the Feels

Replying to all the WhatsApp messages like Rambo with a machine gun

We’re not sure if that’s a great start to the holy month on a frank note

Showing some loving the halal way

How many of you can relate to Akon peace-ing out the halal way this month?

Those apple bottom jeans doing no favours under that burka

The struggle is real

You can’t win from those pakoras… or jalebis… or samosas


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