Imran Khan Calls French President Emmanuel Macron


Imran Khan called Emmanuel Macron and congratulated him on becoming new French President. Khan almost shouted in the mouthpiece, TABDEELI AA NAI RAHI, TABDEELI AGAI HAI.
The call that went on for few minutes, was later leaked to the general public. Probably because Imran Khan recently appointed Tariq Fatemi as his special advisor. The appointment was mulled and later finalized over a hand pump inauguration that was done by Asad Umar. Don’t forget to check the #تبدیلی_کی_علامت_ہینڈپمپ.

Khan, apparently has a lot in common with the newly elected French President, Emmanuel Macron. Both Khan and Emmanuel are young at age and heart and both are considered outsiders by the forces of status quo. While Macron is 39, Khan is just little over 65. Both of the leaders have enjoyed tremendous support from the youth. While Macron was rallied around by young dynamic students, Khan Sahab has had the backing of Shiekh Rasheed and other young at heart politicians.

Both, Macron and Khan have called their adversaries pesticides. Where Macron may have been an investment banker, Khan was also busy dealing with his offshore accounts. Fortune he earned through the sale of London properties, which were gifted to him by Jamima. It turns out Khan Sahab had also schooled Macron for his Big March, that later turned out a huge success. While Macron invited Khan to his new residence, The French Presidential Palace, Khan eventually declined. Apparently Kaptaan is all too busy in a legal battle challenging new constructions in his Bani Gala Empire. Macron may be short of majority support in the parliament but he for sure is in safe hands as compared to Imran Khan who once thought of becoming the Prime Minister with just a single seat.

The call ended as Marine Le Pen was waiting on the other line. Imran Khan will be tutoring Marine on politics of Dharna and Container speeches. He will probably also send his team to discover if Macron has any off shore accounts in Panama, so that a case can be made. It has been learnt that Khan’s team has already shortlisted some slogans from the Bastille March, and are hoping to use them judicially.
Note: This is a work of satire.

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