India Bans Social Media in Occupied Kashmir

India Bans Social Media in Occupied Kashmir


Go to one of their social media channels, and you will find them mocking Pakistan. Go to one of their news channel, and you will find them mocking Pakistan. Go to one of their movies, you will find them mocking Pakistan. And yet, the mantra is, it is Pakistan who is obsessed with India. Here is a fact check. How many times have you seen a Pakistani news channel interviewing (read insulting) a former Indian head of the state.

For now the news from the occupied side of the border is, that India has banned over 22 social media sites in Occupied Kashmir. The sites that have been banned include the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The largest democracy, and an alleged secular state is now covering its act of atrocities through social media blackouts. The decision comes after a series of social media posts went viral displaying cruelty and barbarism of Indian forces. A recent viral video showed a Kashmiri lad being tied on the hood of an army jeep and being driven around.

The order reads,

“The government hereby directs all internet service providers that any message … through the following social networking sites shall not be transmitted in Kashmir Valley with immediate effect for a period of one month or till further orders, whichever is earlier.”


The recent wave of activism in Indian held Kashmir started mid last year, with scores of Kashmiris coming out and protesting against the illegal occupation of the valley by India. The Indian forces, having lost all moral standing have resorted to inhumane methods, including the use of banned pellet guns. Having no recognized media coverage it was only through social media that the suppressed reached out to the rest of the world, showing gut wrenching images of people with pellet wounds. It is believed that the use of pellet gun also resulted in loss of eye-sight for scores of young Kashmiris.

While the hypocrite and war-mongering national media of India keeps acting like an ostrich, the social media has been the ultimate resort for of Kashmiris and even Indians. Be it the protest by Kashmiri youth, the singing of Pakistani National Anthem by a Kashmiri cricket team, the mammoth funeral of Burhan Wani, Indian soldiers pointing out to substandard food and over the line insubordination, Muslims getting beaten, or the Maoists movement, it all takes place on social media. The rise is religious extremism and threat to freedom of speech has seen an upsurge in the current Modi led government. The BJP and the RSS are creating history by opting for the worst measures across the country, especially in Occupied Kashmir.

India who has in the past criticized Pakistan over its ban on YouTube, and other pages has turned out a hypocrite. The current ban clearly show new lows of the Indian forces in Kashmir. One wonders what cruelty would be unleashed. The burning question, is India following in the footsteps of Assad Regime, making Kashmir a new Syria. Something only time will tell.

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