Indian Idol Girl Proposed To Khuda Bakhsh


Khuda Baksh, 21, a native of Badal village in Punjab, is among the top 3 contestants in the singing reality show Indian Idol 9 .

Khuda Baksh’s journey on the show has been exemplary as he has managed to win the hearts of the judges and the audience alike overtime

Khuda Baksh’s family is into singing since a long time. Apart from Khuda Baksh, his sister Afsana Khan too has been selected to compete in another talent show Rising Star being run on another national TV channel. Khuda Baksh’s father Sheera Khan died due to some ailment few years ago, he too had recorded 6 albums. Khuda Baksh’s grandfather Gafoor Mohammad too was in same profession.

His mother used to clean utensils at homes of villages, she no more needs to do it.

Talking about his family and Indian Idol, Khuda Baksh had recently told The Times of India, “Now with my reaching the Indian Idol and my sister Afsana being selected in Rising Star, we have been able to provide facilities to my mother who deserved it and she will not have to do that again.”

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