Indian woman allowed to get divorce after husband called her ‘kali kaluti’

Indian woman allowed to get divorce after husband called her ‘kali kaluti’


HARYANA: A court in India allowed woman to seek divorce from her husband after the latter offensively called her ‘kali kaluti’ during several spats.

According to the Times of India, the woman from Mahenderganj in Haryana was granted divorce by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on grounds of maltreatment and cruelty.

In her petition to the court, the lady states that her husband often taunted her regarding her skin colour and would mock her if the food is not prepared on time.

She managed to establish in the court that she was maltreated by her husband which forced her to stay away from her matrimonial home. According to the paper, the court observed, “The evidence produced on record is held to be good enough to arrive at a conclusion that the appellant was treated with mental and physical cruelty.

“The acts of cruelty have been proved on record by producing her affidavit. When a female has been compelled to leave her matrimonial home to stay with her parents, a legal obligation/ appreciation of evidence arises to find out the circumstances under which she is compelled to leave the matrimonial home… In the present case, the acts of cruelty have been established by parents of the wife.”

The woman’s counsel, J P Sharma, argued that the husband had been maltreating her from the beginning of the marriage. “Appellant was insulted by calling her ‘kali kaluti’ and was being taunted for not preparing the food. In November 2012, she had to return to her parents’ house.

When the father of the appellant asked the husband and his family members to reconcile the matter, they threatened to get a second marriage of their son solemnized.

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