Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s health appears to be radically improving

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s health appears to be radically improving


LAHORE: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s health appears to have been gradually improving as the minister was witnessed waving to security personnel from the window of his hospital room on Thursday.


This was Iqbal’s first appearance ever since he survived an assassination attempt in Narowal. He walked up to the window of his room at Services Hospital in Lahore, wherefrom he waved at the security personnel deployed.

The minister was injured during an assassination attempt at a corner meeting in his constituency Narowal here on May 6.

The 21-year-old assaulter, Abid Hussain, shot at Ahsan from a distance of 15 yards as the latter entered his vehicle to leave the rally ground in tehsil Kanjrur, according to reports of a senior police official.

Iqbal underwent two operations — one aimed at removing the bullet from his lower torso and the other as a remedy for hid broken elbow bone. He had sustained a fracture after the bullet scraped his elbow and then hit his lower abdomen.

The prime suspect in the case, Abid Hussain, and his accomplice, Azeem, remain under custody of the law enforcement, while a joint investigation team (JIT) has been probing the incident.

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