Russia: Israel showed “criminal negligence” in plane shooting

Russia: Israel showed “criminal negligence” in plane shooting


The Russian Army claimed that the behavior of the Israeli pilots was unprofessional. The aforementioned country denied any responsibility in the facts.

 “The objective data that were presented speak of the lack of professionalism or, at least, of the criminal negligence of the pilots of the Israeli fighters, whose actions led to the death of 15 Russian soldiers,” the spokesman said. Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov. Syrian anti-aircraft defenses fired at four Israeli F-16s who were bombing positions in Syria, mistakenly hitting the Russian plane.

“During the conversation on the incident prevention line, the representative of the Israeli Armed Forces indicated that the targets to be attacked by the Israeli aviation were in the north of Syria, while, as you can see on the map, the attacks they took place in Latakia, a western province, “Konashenkov told the media.

“Irrefutable evidence”

The Russian spokesman also denied that Israeli warplanes had left Syrian airspace after the incident, adding that Israel took 50 minutes to “clear the area” and offer assistance.The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Russian Parliament, Leonid Sluzki, asked to interrupt the political contacts with Israel, and even the deputy Yuri Shvytkin demanded the closing of the airspace to the Israeli airplanes.

Soon after, the Israeli Army again denied its responsibility in the tragedy. “Clearly they said (Russia) that the cooperation mechanism operated in the relevant period, as it has operated in the last two and a half years,” the Army argued in a statement, insisting that its planes were not hidden behind the Russian ship. However, in the late hours of this Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have more irrefutable data that reinforce its position.

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