Two men are burned alive in Acatlán de Osorio after being accused of “stealing children”

Two men are burned alive in Acatlán de Osorio after being accused of “stealing children”


Many people chose to record what was happening and transmit it live on Facebook and Twitter.

Neighbors from a rural community in the Mexican state of Puebla beat, tied and burned alive on Wednesday two people, whom they had previously accused of trying to kidnap children, informed the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the report, the incident took place in the community of San Vicente Boquerón, in Acatlán de Osorio , after villagers captured and handed over to the authorities two men of 53 and 22 years old, who, according to some accounts, carried two minors in a van.

But this was only the beginning of what would come next.

The Secretary of Public Safety of the state reported that about 150 “angry people” congregated in front of the police headquarters where the two men were taken, broke the doors, pulled them tied with ropes and set them on fire, as well as the truck where they were found.

The lynching caused great commotion in Mexico, not only for the fact itself and for being one more sample of how these acts of “collective justice” gain more and more space in that society, but by the attitude of dozens of people who witnessed it. what happened

The images broadcast on social networks show a multitude of people recording videos or taking pictures while the flames consume the two people, some even transmitted it live on Facebook and Twitter.

Some versions of local media indicate that, in reality, the men were only drunk and that someone spread the rumor about the supposed kidnapping, which inflamed the population.


The government of the state condemned what happened and denounced that the local authorities did not follow “the protocol established by the state administration, neither in time nor in form to perform the correct action” .

The text states that they did not send negotiators to establish a dialogue with the “growing group” of people nor did they inform the higher entities about the facts so that they could send aid.

The elected governor of Puebla, Martha Erika Alonso, also questioned the lynching and lamented the fact that the police could not respond in time.

“The municipal authorities of Acatlán de Osorio are overrun to provide security, I strongly condemn the lynching that has arisen, it is inadmissible to do justice by one’s own hand,” he said.

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Image caption The crowd took the alleged kidnappers from the police headquarters and burned them alive.

Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia and Guatemala are some of the countries in the region where more lynchings have been reported in recent decades, according to local media reports.

Human rights groups claim that among the causes of these events are the lack of confidence of the communities in the police and in the judicial system, added to the inefficiency, corruption or the limited reach of the State in some areas.

Raúl Rodríguez Guillén, professor-researcher of the Autonomous Metropolitan University, who has been studying the phenomenon in Mexico for two decades, once told BBC World that the increase in this phenomenon in his country is due to the “unlimited growth of crime, the inaction and little effectiveness of the authority and the satiety of the society “.

“The most serious thing that is happening is that authority is eroding and that in the long term I think it is more serious than the growth of crime,” he said.

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