Iraqi government: “Iraq was freed from the Islamic State”

Iraqi government: “Iraq was freed from the Islamic State”


Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the “end of the war” against Islamic State militias.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar al Abadi, announced on Saturday (09.12.2017) that the Iraqi Army has taken control of the entire border with Syria, the last stronghold that the terrorist group Islamic State maintained in the country.


“Our forces have taken over full control of the borders with Syria,” Al-Abdadi said in a media appearance in Baghdad. The prime minister added: “The victory was achieved thanks to the unity of all Iraqis in the fight against an enemy who did not think we would see this day.”

“Liberation of all territories”

For his part, the deputy commander of the joint Iraqi forces Abdelamir Yarala, announced the end of the war against the terrorist group Islamic State after the recovery of the last territories that the jihadists controlled near the Syrian border, in the western provinces of Nineveh and To the Anbar.

“The liberation of all Iraqi territories from the Daesh gangs (Arabic acronym of the IS) has been completed and our forces control the borders between Iraq and Syria from the Al Walid border crossing to the Rabia border,” Yarala said. it’s a statement.

The Islamic State launched a broad offensive in Syria and Iraq in the summer of 2014, and occupied a large part of Iraqi territory, where on June 10 of that year it took control of Mosul, the second largest city in the country, and the main urban nucleus that fell into the hands of the jihadists.

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