Israel bombs five Hamas targets in Gaza

Israel bombs five Hamas targets in Gaza


The Israeli army today attacked what it called five “terrorist targets” in a military training zone of the Islamist movement Hamas, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Protest im Gazastreifen an der Grenze zu Israel (Reuters / B. Ratner)

“The attack was carried out in response to the violent acts of the last hours carried out by Hamas along the security fence” that separates Gaza from Israel, reported Monday (14.05.2018) the Army in a statement .

Earlier, two Hamas military positions, also in northern Gaza, were shelled from the air and with artillery in response to an incident in which Palestinian militant movement forces fired on Israeli forces in the area, the army said.

Hamas sources indicated that no victims were registered in the attacks.

According to Army figures, some 40,000 Palestinians have demonstrated today at various points along the border, where there have been clashes in which, for the moment, more than 50 people have died, including six minors, and near Two thousand were injured, half of them by live ammunition, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The army claims that the demonstrators “threw incendiary bombs and explosive devices at the security gate and Israeli troops, as well as burning tires, stones and flammable objects with the intention of causing fires on Israeli territory and causing harm to the soldiers.”

Israeli forces are “responding with riot gear and real fire” and “acting in accordance with standard operating procedures,” the Israeli military said.

Protests in Gaza.  (05.14.2018).

Protests in Gaza. (05.14.2018).

Hamas today blamed Israel and the United States for the dead, whom he called “martyrs” and the wounded. One of its leaders, Mahmud Zahar, promised that “they will continue to carry out the marches until they achieve their objectives.”

Since the so-called March of Return began on March 30, 90 people have been killed in Gaza in violent demonstrations and incidents along the border, and more than 10,000 have been injured.

The protests are expected to continue tomorrow, Tuesday, the date on which the Palestinians commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the “Catastrophe” that for them supposed the founding of the State of Israel makes, today, seventy years.

Israel Protest in Gaza

“Unprecedented violence” in Palestinian protests

The Israeli army accused the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of having used today “unprecedented violence” in the protests for the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish state.

Three terrorist cells with firearms tried to attack Israeli soldiers, military spokesman Ronen Manelis told reporters. Firebombs, explosives and comets with fire were also launched against Israeli territory. There were even attempts to kidnap soldiers, the military detailed.

Massive protests involved some 40,000 people who concentrated on 12 points along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip to try to break it. 

Manelis accused Hamas, the radical Palestinian organization that governs in the Gaza Strip of attempting to commit attacks on Israel under the guise of peaceful protests.

Many women also participated in the protests. According to the Israeli army, Hamas paid 100 dollars to each family that participated in the demonstrations and forced to participate those who did not want to, the spokesman said. “Nobody has managed to cross the border.”

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