Israeli minister tells the EU to go “to the thousand hells”

Israeli minister tells the EU to go “to the thousand hells”


Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday (23.05.2018) that the European Union (EU) “can go to the thousand hell” for requesting an investigation into the alleged police brutality against Israeli Arab demonstrators.

The EU condemned police violence at a rally in the northern city of Haifa last Tuesday to protest against the excessive use of Israeli violence in the protests on the Gaza border in recent weeks, and suggested the Israeli government investigate what happened.

Steinitz said on a local radio that he does not care about the recommendations of the “hypocrite” EU, which “is doing the ball to Iran and will help against US sanctions.” A few weeks earlier, on May 9, Europe Day, the minister praised the ties that bind his country to the EU at the residence of the European ambassador to Israel, the newspaper Haaretz reported .

But on Wednesday Steinitz complained that the EU “harasses” Israel while Iran “executes, tortures homosexuals, violates the rights of women and supports the terrorism of (Bashar al) Assad, who throws chemical weapons at his people”, informed the same newspaper.

Jafar Farah, director of the NGO Mosawa, Defense Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, was one of the 21 activists arrested during the Haifa demonstration last Friday, and accused the police of having broken his knee after his arrest.

Steinitz said that, before the incident, Farah was already being investigated by the Ministry of Justice, and a police spokesman said the incident “is being investigated.” The EU and Israel maintain a continuing economic cooperation relationship and have signed several investment agreements, with the Twenty-eight as one of Israel’s largest trading partners.

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