Itna Khoobsoorat Child Molestor, Kash Main Bacha Hota

Itna Khoobsoorat Child Molestor, Kash Main Bacha Hota


We rant about our politicians for some of the most absurd, illogical statements they happen to spill, either deliberately or unintentionally. We don’t miss a chance scathing our sport personalities for their bizarre acrobatics. But seldom is the case when one of our artist comes under fire – or in twitteraati terms, becomes a hashtag.

The occasion was 5th Hum Style Awards, recorded this weekend. The culprit was Yasir Hussain, a comic actor, who somehow thought it was OK for a child getting molested by a guy until the molester was handsome.

It was Ahsan Khan’s moment that Yasir used for displaying his standards. Ahsan was presented the best actor award for his performance in Udaari, a Hum TV production dealing with social taboos, including child abuse. Yasir Hussain’s crass in fact highlights the fact why we need more of such dramas.

When Ahsan came to receive his award, Yasir made a joke, “Itna khobsurat child molester, kash main bhi bacha hota… (Such a handsome child molester, I wish I was a child as well.)”

No Yasir, you don’t want to be on the receiving hand. The struggle of living a life that is filled with fear, incomplete and stinks for most, is not something that can be made acceptable simply by the fact that it was a handsome guy doing it. Yasir you perhaps got confused between his gay pleasures and hence equated it to child abuse. While Yasir Hussain can enjoy his lustful desires, here are some eye opening figures compiled by Sahil, a non-profit private organization working for the cause.

There is no such thing as rural-urban divide when it comes to child abuse. According to the survey conducted by Sahil, 76 pc cases were reported in rural and 24 pc in urban areas. Confused? Why should you be? We have people like Yasir Hussain who find it fun worthy.

There were 4139 cases reported in the year 2016. This is 10 pc more than 2015. While one can only estimate how many went unreported. While the number includes cases of varying nature, around 1500 of these were direct rape (around 100 victims were murdered after rape). That is 11 cases of abuse while 5 rape cases on daily basis. Of the total number of boys abused during the period, 41 pc were murdered. Yes, Yasir Hussain your fantasy follows with murder for most the victims.

While Mr. Yasir Hussain was quick to apologize (well not to so quick, only after a decent Twitter bashing), his statement read,
I strongly feel against child abuse and I will make sure to work in adding awareness of this issue! #ahsankhan#thewinner #udaari

#yasirhussain #humawards

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It was one of Jibran Nasir’s tweet that brought attention to the fiasco. More aptly it Jibran who actually went on shaming the attendees for ignoring such low comments and clapping and laughing over the low minded joke. He was joined by singer Hadiqa Kiyani.

This is not the first time Hum Style Awards has disappointed people. Last year’s Ahmed Ali Butt’s dwarfism jokes were all but funny. And while Yasir’s might have been an impromptu, slip of the tongue and courtesy spur of the moment, Mr. Butt’s were scripted ones.

High time Hum gets some talented content editors and educated script writers on board, or God knows next year we will be celebrating suicide bombers.

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