Japan: executed sect founder and attack brain in Tokyo subway

Japan: executed sect founder and attack brain in Tokyo subway


Shoko Asahara, leader of the Supreme Truth sect, was behind the Sarin gas attack on the subway in 1995 that left 13 dead. Six other members of the group were also executed.

The founder of the Supreme Truth sect, Shoko Asahara, considered the mastermind of the deadly sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway in 1995, was executed today (06.07.2018) by hanging, according to public broadcaster NHK.

The charismatic 63-year-old guru, whose real name was Chizuo Matsumoto, has been executed today along with six of the 13 members of the sect sentenced to death for an attack that left 13 dead, dozens of people in a vegetative state and 6,300 intoxicated

Asahara, who suffered from almost total blindness since childhood, had been detained since May 1995, two months after the March 20 attack on the Japanese capital’s subway network.


He was sentenced to capital punishment in 2004 for that attack and others such as the one also perpetrated with sarin gas in 1994 in the city of Matsumoto (central Japan), where eight people were killed and 100 wounded.

The execution today of the guru and six of the members of the Supreme Truth sect (Aum Shinrikyo, in Japanese) comes after a process of more than 20 years in which all those involved in the attacks have been tried and convicted, and after Last January, the Supreme Court rejected the last appeal.

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