10 Times Animals Showed What It is Like to Live as Hooman

10 Times Animals Showed What It is Like to Live as Hooman


Being Hooman is not easy. These animals are perfect depiction to show the daily struggles we face in daily life:

  1. When I Try to Raise my Voice in Front of my Parents


2. When I try to put on Make-up

3. When Someone tries to Flirt with me


4. When I roll with my Homies


5. When my co-workers complaint about my professional behaviour


6. When I try to prove that I am strong


7.  When I jump to Conclusions


8. When I am chilling with my friends and someone we do not like starts talking


9.  When I try to Act Tough From Outside but in reality I am just a fuzzy peach


10. When my friends and I hear someone talking about Free Food


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