Karachi: Negligence on Police’s part resulted in City Court’s loss

Karachi: Negligence on Police’s part resulted in City Court’s loss


KARACHI: Major neglect was witnessed in response of the police and court staff during the fire that ravaged Karachi City Courts’ property room, Monday’s recent investigation report claims.

According to the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, the fire had apparently erupted at 1:30 AM but the call to fire officials was made at 2:31 AM, ultimately translating into a delay of at least good one hour.

Sources claim that emergency response teams were asked to wait at the gate for at least a 40-minutes which further obstructed the process of dousing the fire.

It is believed that during all this time fire officials attempted to put out the flames through the windows.

A blaze last week raged on in the property room of the City Courts Complex for approximately four hours before it was contained after fire brigade vehicles from all around the city were called on an emergency situation.

Multiple explosions were also heard in the court’s evidence room, which usually houses items — including explosives — recovered from arrested suspects, as the fire spread outwards, prompting a call to the bomb disposal squad.

While the cooling process is currently underway, it was ascertained that a portion of the evidence room’s roof has collapsed.


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