Karachi You’re Killing Me With History (A Travel Guide To Karachi; Part Two)

Karachi You’re Killing Me With History (A Travel Guide To Karachi; Part Two)


The architectural wonder, area’s center of attraction, the memoir of pre partition era, key building in the history of Pakistani politics, The Mohatta Palace is one of the many attractions in the city of lights.

Karachi is famous for many things but Mohatta Palace is different for the stories building has to narrate.

The building is standing as a symbol of pure love. Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta, a business man from twenty century build this enormous palace in 1927 for ailing wife. Who, according to doctors needed sea breeze to recover.


Jumping right to the times of partition; the Mohatta family decided not to migrate but allegedly were forced to shun the palace and were migrated to now India.

After their departure the palace was deserted for a short period of time before it was handed over to Muhtarama Fatimah Jinnah.

After the palace was turned into Fatimah Jinnah’s residence it experienced an uproar of Country’s politics. The walls of Mohatta Palace witnessed full-fledged election campaign and is the very Palace where Muhtrama announced her candidature against Ayub Khan.


After Fatimah Jinnah’s demise there was a family feud and court handed Mohatta Palace to her sister Shirin Jinnah. Shirin Jinnah died in 1980 and dispute over the ownership of Palace once again surfaced.

However this time no one won it and the empire of great history was sealed. After a long silence and abandonment for a decade and a half, the palace was sold to the Provincial government for 6.1million in 1995.

Government of Sindh renovated the empire in its statement pink Jodhpuri color. Historical Mohatta Palace was once again shinning in an armor which is strikingly pink, bold and beautiful.


The façade is trimmed with painted windows which appear as welcoming at the entrance. The domes and the minarets add up to its giantess. Size of the rooms make it impossible to digest the fact that these were to be occupied by an individual.

The roof top is breathtakingly fine-looking with the central dome surrounded by the smaller ones in front of the eyes. These domes serves to save the Palace from the scorching heat of Karachi.


Now a days Mohatta Palace is under the government control and is turned into an exhibition center.

One can still make out the blur beach from the roof top of this mammoth like palace but with the increased pollution, sea breeze has long forgotten the way.

The exquisiteness and antiquity makes Mohatta Palace a tourist destination.

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