At least 23 dead in bombings in IS zone in northeastern Syria

At least 23 dead in bombings in IS zone in northeastern Syria


The Syrian official news agency Sana blamed the international coalition aircraft for being behind a “massacre” and put the dead at 25.

At least 23 civilians, including 10 minors, were killed today (01.05.2018) by bombings of unidentified aircraft in a town controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in the Syrian province of Al Hasaka, in the north-east of country.

The Syrian Human Rights Observatory reported that early this morning planes “that are unknown if they are Iraqi or from the international coalition”, led by US, launched air strikes against the town of Al Qasr, located in the south of the province cited. In the area bombed today there are displaced Iraqis, as well as Syrians who fled during the offensive against the province of Deir al Zur (northeast).

The Observatory, which reports on the basis of a network of activists in the field, said that the victims are part of two families and that the number could increase, as there are injured in serious condition.

The SDF continues its campaign

Syria’s official news agency Sana blamed the international coalition’s planes for being behind a “massacre” and put the death toll at 25. The bombing coincided with the announcement by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that they will continue their campaign to seize the last territories under IS control near the border with Iraq.

The SDF is an alliance composed of Kurdish forces and Arab militias that continue to fight against the IS in the east of the country, despite the launch in January of a Turkish offensive against the region of Afrin and northern Syria, which were under their control. “The main objective of this battle will be to continue releasing a couple of areas that Daesh (Arabic acronym for IS) continues to control near the border with Iraq,” Gabriel Kino, spokesperson for the SDF, told dpa.

Last year the SDFs supported by the US-led international coalition managed to take full control of Al Raqqa, the former stronghold of the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Syria.

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