Left or right? Why it matters to which side you sleep and which one benefits your health the most

Left or right? Why it matters to which side you sleep and which one benefits your health the most


Sleeping on your side is better than sleeping face up or down … but which side is better?

Maybe when you’re tossing and turning in bed all you think is to achieve that position that allows you to sleep once and for all. Well, the side you choose to enter the kingdom of Morpheus is also important.

Just as sleeping on your stomach is discouraged because, among other things, it makes breathing difficult, there is a position that is pointed as the favorite among experts: the lateral one.

They argue that it reports a greater rest and facilitates the functioning of our organism.

But inside the lateral position, the left side is the best because it provides more benefits. These are some of the most important, according to science.

1. Good for the brain

Sleeping on the left side benefits the lymphatic drainage of our central nervous system, says a study published in the scientific journal The Journal of Neuroscience and prepared by the universities of Stony Brook, New York and Rochester, all in the United States.

It is in this position, according to the research, that it facilitates the elimination of excess proteins, vitamins, fats and residues such as beta-amyloid deposits, highly harmful to health.

The function is very important for our body because it helps to keep our volume and blood pressure constant as well as a better functioning of our immune system. Bad lymphatic drainage can lead to neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

2. Improves circulation

According to the position in which our organs are located, in this case especially the heart, sleeping to the left side prevents the obstruction of the aorta , which pumps blood from our heart to the rest of the blood system, told CNN Dr. W. Christopher Winter, of the Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville (United States).

Also, Winter said, to sleep on the left side of the vena cava inferior remains free, without any press organ that, so the blood becomes more easily from the body to the heart.

3. It facilitates digestion

This is a simple matter of gravity. The stomach and the small and large intestines are slightly tilted to the left so that lying on the left side makes food pass through these organs more easily.

Graph of the digestive system.
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Image caption The spleen, pancreas, stomach and colon are located on the left side of our body.

4. Relieve weight on the spine

When you lie on your side, your spine is more aligned than on your back or upside down. In addition, on the side you avoid that all the weight of the body falls on our back. The left side is the best because, as we have seen, it avoids the pressure of important blood vessels.

Sleeping to the left side is especially recommended for pregnant women as this prevents the baby from pressing the vena cava and the blood circulates more easily reaching the placenta with the necessary nutrients for the baby.

Pregnant woman sleeping.
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Image caption Doctors often recommend pregnant women to sleep on the left side.
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