Life imprisonment for high Chinese office for corruption

Life imprisonment for high Chinese office for corruption


Sun Zhengcai was considered as a possible successor to Xi Jinping at the head of the country and is accused of taking bribes worth 27 million dollars. It is the last episode of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption crusade.

The courts in Tianjin City sentenced Sun Zhengcai, a former Chinese agricultural minister and former Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary in Chongqing Province, to take prison sentences of 170 million dollars, on Tuesday (08.05.2018). yuan (27 million dollars, 22 million euros). Sun and his alleged accomplices were accused of accepting bribes in exchange for aid to unspecified organizations and individuals for engineering contracts, commercial operations and other matters.

Sun Zhengcai, former general secretary of the Communist Party of China, was considered a candidate to succeed Xi Jinping until he fell out of favor. 

The trial against Sun, 54, who had been the youngest member of the party leadership, so that, until his fall from grace, he had been considered one of the main candidates to succeed Chinese President Xi Jinping. in April. Today the sentence was known for accepting directly or through third-party bribes worth 170 million yuan between 2002 and 2017. 

Sun “admitted his guilt, showed repentance and indicated that he would sincerely accept the judgment of the courts,” according to the authorities at the beginning of the trial. Now they say, therefore, have been “indulgent” with him. “Political ambition and their selfish desires were exacerbated,” which led this former rising star of Chinese politics to “break the discipline of the Party and become corrupt,” they explained.

The trial of Sun is part of the anti-corruption campaign initiated by Xi since his arrival in the presidency in 2013, which has resulted in punishment of more than one and a half million senior Communist Party officials, including some of the most powerful politicians and military of the past decade. Therefore, some critics consider it simply a political purge. Bo’s wife, meanwhile, was also sent to prison for life accused of murdering a British businessman.

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