Macron suggests Trump “new concept” to deal with Iran: Nuclear Deal

Macron suggests Trump “new concept” to deal with Iran: Nuclear Deal


On the second day of his state visit to Washington, Macron said he is not in favor of breaking the current nuclear agreement, but said he wants to build “something new” that satisfies everyone’s concerns.

Can Merkel and Macron save Iran’s nuclear deal?

During the talks that will be held separately with President Trump this week, the French president and the German chancellor will plead that the US remain in Iran’s nuclear agreement. (23.04.2018)

The French president said that the other “pillars” of this new policy will seek to regulate Iran’s influence in the Middle East, limit Tehran’s ballistic missile program and get it to give up nuclear weapons in the long term.

“We need a fair agreement,” he said, noting that the pact should allow peaceful coexistence with the states of the region, including Syria, where Iran supports the government of Bashar al-Assad.

On the other hand, Trump returned to send threats to Tehran. Iran will have “greater problems than it has ever had” if it reactivates its nuclear weapons program, threatened the US president.

Deadline until May 12 …

Trump again criticized the agreement signed in 2015 between the Persian country and the United States, China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and

Germany, calling it “crazy” and “ridiculous”, and said that it should never have existed.

“No matter where you go in the Middle East, Iran seems to be behind everything that is a problem,” Trump said, citing the Yemen conflict as an example. However, Trump, like Macron, announced his willingness to talk to Iran about the nuclear deal.

Until May 12, the US president will have to decide if he continues to postpone sanctions against Iran. This decision will determine in the background if the United States is maintained or dropped from the agreement. Trump has assured that he will abandon it if it is not revised and if the conditions for Iran are not hardened. Tehran, on the other hand, rejects new negotiations.

The agreement obliges the Persian country to restrict essential parts of its nuclear program for at least a decade. In exchange, the sanctions imposed on Tehran were lifted and it was promised to normalize relations between the West and Iran.

Macron traveled to Washington with the intention of dissuading Trump from abandoning the nuclear agreement.

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