Macron will speak on Wednesday with Rohaní to save the nuclear agreement

Macron will speak on Wednesday with Rohaní to save the nuclear agreement


The French president will transmit his Iranian counterpart his “will to continue in the agreement”, announced the French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

USA PK US-Präsident Trump und französicher Präsident Macron in Washington (Reuters / K. Lamarque)The French president during his recent visit to Washington

French President Emmanuel Macron will speak on Wednesday (09.05.2018) by phone with his Iranian counterpart, Mohamed Rohani, to try to save the nuclear deal with that country, said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

In that conversation with Rohaní, Macron will convey “our willingness to continue in the agreement and that Iran fully respect its terms,” Le Drian explained in an interview on the radio “RTL”.

With that same objective, announced that next Monday have met the foreign ministers of France, the United Kingdom and Germany, who will meet with representatives of Iran that same day or on Tuesday.

The head of French diplomacy insisted that “the agreement is not dead”, since it was even unanimously validated by the UN Security Council, but at the same time showed its intention to complete it.

“We are aware (…) that there are other issues of discussion with Iran and we are willing to work on an expanded agreement that integrates all these provisions, a framework agreement,” he said. In particular, the “difficult issues” in the relationship with Tehran that should enter into this expanded commitment are the fact that it is endowing “of an impressive ballistic capacity” and that it has “hegemonic temptations throughout the region.”

“The risks of confrontation are real”

The head of French diplomacy stressed that the announcement by US President Donald Trump that he is withdrawing from the agreement constitutes “a break with an international commitment and France deeply regrets this decision”.

“The risks of confrontation are real,” he admitted after indicating “the seriousness of the situation” due to Washington’s intention to prevent companies from other countries from doing business in Tehran.

In this regard, Le Drian anticipated that “in the coming days” they will bring together French companies “to preserve them to the maximum extent of the US measures”, and the same will be done with other European partners.

Asked if Trump lies when he argues that Iran has breached the commitments of the 2015 agreement, the French minister referred to the reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), according to which “Iran respects its commitments.”

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