Malala Haters: “Criticism can’t stop my daughter from striving for her goal of female empowerment” says Ziauddin Yousufzai

Malala Haters: “Criticism can’t stop my daughter from striving for her goal of female empowerment” says Ziauddin Yousufzai


“Criticism can’t stop my daughter from striving for her goal of female empowerment”, affirms Malala’s father Ziauddin Yousufzai.

“My daughter has no aspiration to become Pakistan’s prime minister”, he confirmed.

“Peace has now been restored in the Swat valley and school enrollment is now on the rise which is in stark contrast to when my family was forced to leave the country owing to the tyranny of Taliban rule,” he added.

“I consider Swat to be my real home and I have noticed the population surge in the valley on my return,” the father said.

“We have dreamt of this moment for the last five years and it is a dream come true to be back here,” Ziauddin said.

“I’m still pinching myself because the feeling is unreal to be back home,” he said.

The diplomat said that the city has been completely transformed from how it used to be back in 2008.

“Ten years ago, the valley was gripped with terrorism and militants kept targeting civilians up until 2011,” he said.

He said that the enrollment of girls has taken a boost ever since peace

“In May 2009 as many as 1.4 million citizens left Swat due to militancy,” he added.

“But we still have a long way to go despite the progress we have made,” Ziauddin said.

“Malala made the decision to return to Pakistan as she thought the time was right, the government has facilitated us in every possible way up till now,” the diplomat said.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support Malala has received on her return,” he said.

“Even the hate shown towards Malala on social media died down on her return and the public displayed their love for her. Despite all the criticism Malala firmly believes that everyone is entitled to their opinion,” Ziauddin added.

“You can’t change the opinion of people who only want to denounce you owing to their prejudices,” the diplomat said.

“If you ask anyone who has met Malala they will say that she stands for women’s rights and the promotion of education,” he added.

“I’ll leave my daughter’s side if she is an agent against Pakistan or Islam,” Ziauddin said.

He quoted Malala by saying that half of the population has been restricted in their homes.

He said that she strongly believes that the only way forward for Pakistan’s bright future ahead is through female participation in every walk of life.

Ziauddin shared that a large chunk of the Malala fund is being spent in Pakistan with development projects in excess of six million dollars.

“Terrorist outfits can openly claim attacks in this country, however, I can’t share the noble cause I am working on here,” he grieved.

“We have already rolled out a school under the fund, while another project costing $2.5 million in Shangla Town for 700,000 girls is underway,” he added.

He said that his daughter Malala recently co-authored a book with Christina Lamb titled “I am Malala”.

“The only criticism that the book received was that in the first edition we forgot to add the SAW title with name of the prophet Muhammad which was highlighted,” he commented.

He said that critics overlook and refuse to appreciate Malala and her mother’s picture where they can be seen praying outside the Kaaba.

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