Male Actors on the Run – No One Wants to Work with Kangana

Male Actors on the Run – No One Wants to Work with Kangana


It looks like Kangana Ranaut’s legal troubles are finally catching up to her. In fact, they seem to be alienating the Queen star from Bollywood entirely.

According to Business of Cinema, Kangana’s highly-anticipated new project Manikarnika – a biopic of the legendary Rani of Jhansi – is having a hard time finding a suitable male lead to star opposite her therein. Apparently, none of the mainstream male actors in Bollywood are keen to work with her, in light of her ongoing legal drama with Hrithik Roshan and his family.

In fact, it isn’t just Kangana’s troubled relationship with Hrithik that’s sending off warning signs. She’s also had beef with fellow actor Shahid Kapoor, who starred with her in Rangoon last year. As it turned out, the former made some comments about her experience of filming with Shahid that ticked him off. And when asked about what she had said, he did not hold back.

“Kangana has a thing for one-liners but I’m not one of those. I’d rather focus on the movie. I like positivity. We shared a professional equation so I was also surprised by the comments. I also read some retractions she made later that she didn’t mean it in a bad way,” Shahid said earlier.

Other than this, Kangana also recently came under fire for revealing she had had a relationship with veteran film actor Aditya Pancholi, apparently. According to the Simran actor, Aditya had reportedly put her on house arrest and his wife Zarina Wahab was aware of their affair the whole time. In retaliation, Aditya and Zarina both filed a defamation case against Kangana.

There was the entire hullabaloo that Kangana caused when she called Karan Johar the “flag-bearer of nepotism in Bollywood” on the latest season of his own show Koffee with Karan. This particular statement of hers shook the Indian film industry to its core, sparking a debate and leading to Kangana getting sidelined. Many Bollywood celebrities came forth in support of Karan, while others had a completely different opinion. But needless to say, the film-maker is no fan of hers.


Considering all the controversies simmering around Kangana, it will not be wrong to feel that Manikarnika might suffer. Even Simran failed to generate much traction in the box office, despite the actor’s impeccable skills and powerhouse performances.

One cannot deny that she has single handedly managed to make quite a name for herself in the industry, despite coming from a simple background sans any Bollywood connections whatsoever. Guess only time will tell how well Manikarnika fares in the future.

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