Meesha not dumb to level baseless allegations against Ali: Nadia Hussain

Meesha not dumb to level baseless allegations against Ali: Nadia Hussain


ISLAMABAD: Veteran model Nadia Hussain spoke up Tuesday night in favour of Meesha Shafi, saying Ali Zafar’s accuser was a “wise woman” who “definitely understands repercussions” of false claims.

Speaking on Geo News’ programme Capital Talk, the style diva lent her support to Meesha and stressed that if she has evidence, “then the matter is going to take a different turn”.

Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Pansota, who Shafi has appointed as her legal counsel alongside Nighat Dad, claimed earlier the same day that the singer had “proof of sexual harassment” against Zafar, underscoring the notion that his client would not have levelled such allegations if she did not have evidence to back up her claim.

“She has proof of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar,” he had said, adding that the accusations were being closely examined and a course of action will be decided depending on the legal course Zafar takes.

Hussain continued that she was “sure that she [Meesha] would not have levelled such serious allegations without giving it a thought”.

“She must have some kind of evidence that, you know, something like this has happened because there are repercussions and she is a wise person who definitely understands repercussions,” the model noted.

“So if she has the evidence, then I would say that she would be the winner.”

However, the experienced fashion star pointed out that the public should not resort to a blame game or make claims that either or both of the two people involved in Pakistan’s first high-profile #MeToo case would be doing so to gain publicity.

“The most important thing here is that character assassination should not start immediately. The woman must be given the proper right to justify herself to prove that this is what has happened.”

Pansota, Shafi’s lawyer, had also said the same thing, explaining: “Right now, it’s just a social media war.”

Last week, Meesha Shafi took to Twitter to publicly accuse Ali Zafar of physically harassing her on “more than one occasion”.

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