#Metoo trend floods the walls of social media as women from all across the world share their harassment stories

#Metoo trend floods the walls of social media as women from all across the world share their harassment stories


The recent disclosure of Hollywood’s successful producer, Harvey Weinstein, as a sexual harasser has caused a stir on social media amongst women. Many famous female celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence are coming forward to share their horrific harassment stories.
Earlier this week, Alyssa Milano, a Twitterer used the power of 140 characters and tweeted the following:

Thousands of people responded to this message by either positing Me Too or sharing their encounter with sexual harasser in both official and public settings. The responses were not limited to females only as many males came forward with to share their experiences as well.
The trend #MeToo soon found its way towards Pakistan and many people came forward to express their stories which were heartbreaking. In political world, not very long ago, Imran Khan was accused of sexual harassment allegations by a member of PTI, Ayesha Gulalai Wazir and former PM Nawaz Sharif has been accused of sexual advances towards Kim Barker; both of which have been dismissed as ‘attention seeking’.

2Regardless of their race, ethnicity or color, people from all across Pakistan joined in to share their heart wrenching stories.


And some decided to pour their hearts out of frustration and anger towards these incidents.


This is not the first campaign that is highlighting abuse faced by women in daily lives. In 2014 #YesAllWomen campaign also focused on this aspect by shedding light on bullying on social media which lead to suicide of a young girl in Southern California.

Every time, women have raised their voice against abuse and harassment they have been hushed by the society and in most cases the victim is held responsible for triggering the situation. Considering the high rise of violence and harassment against women all across the globe, it can good to discuss about the different between good touch and bad touch to kids from a young age and to create an open environment at home so children are able to discuss any issue with their parents without hesitation.
At the moment, there are very few centers available in Pakistan that are providing emotional and medical support to victims of harassment and many continue to live their lives with the memories of horrific incidents.

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