Military temporarily assume control in Zimbabwe

Military temporarily assume control in Zimbabwe


A Zimbabwe military spokesman sent a message to the people to say that both the country’s president, Robert Mugabe, and his family are “safe” and denied that a “military takeover” of the government is taking place.

The military forces have temporarily taken over Zimbabwe to “overcome the increasingly worse political, social and economic crisis,” said division general Sibusiso Moyo, who clarified that it was not a coup, in a speech broadcast this Wednesday (15.11.2017) on the state television ZBC.


According to the general, it is more about arresting criminals. Moyo said that President Robert Mugabe and his family are safe and that as soon as the situation has normalized, they will return to normal rule.

“The safety of Robert Mugabe and his family is guaranteed,” he said. “To the other security services, we urge them to cooperate for the good of our country,” he continued. “Our intention is to face threats to human security in our country, so any provocation will have the appropriate response,” he added.

On Tuesday night, the United States had called on its citizens in Zimbabwe to take refuge and announced that it would close its embassy to the public amid rumors of a military coup.

“Due to the political uncertainty tonight, the ambassador instructed all employees to stay at home tomorrow,” the embassy said on its website. The British embassy also recommended its citizens in Zimbabwe to stay at home.

Media such as French radio RFI and US channel Voice of America reported three heavy explosions in the capital, Harare, on Tuesday night, citing residents who heard them.

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