Milk Prices Hike to Rs.100 Per Litre for Karachiites

Milk Prices Hike to Rs.100 Per Litre for Karachiites




KARACHI: The price of milk has reportedly surged by fifteen rupees per litre in Karachi as no progress has been made in talks between the dairy farmers and local administration.

Milk is being sold at Rs.100 per litre in various parts of the city. Prices are likely to soar further for city dwellers who continue to struggle hard in order to make their ends meet for this essential commodity.

“People utilize milk a lot. If prices increase, then how will the poor be able to afford it,” an elderly citizen stated. “It has become increasingly difficult to afford for those who buy even half a litre of milk,” said another.

Last month, the Sindh High Court directed the Karachi commissioner to ensure the sale of loose milk in the city at an officially fixed rate of Rs.85 per litre.

The court had also directed local authorities to administer the criteria for fixing per litre price of fresh milk and other dairy products, accordingly.

However, the directives of the commissioner and the SHC were in mere disdain as many dairy sellers were charging Rs100 per litre for this staple product.

Dairy farmers have expressed their resentment and inability to sell milk at a fixed price of Rs.85, saying that they were suffering major financial losses due to this.

Commissioner Karachi had earlier warned that strict action would be taken against those violating regulations.

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