Modi Speaks Of Compassion For Seized-Kashmir

Modi Speaks Of Compassion For Seized-Kashmir


Prime Minister, Narendra Modi reached out to Kashmiris in Seized-Kashmir, on Sunday, saying that the only thing that could heal Kashmiris is unity and compassion.

Benevolent comments coming from Modi’s side is something that doesn’t usually happen, but it seems like the planned visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who will visit India from Dhaka, on Tuesday, has brightened up the softer side in Modi, that has finally decided to speak for the Kashmiris after all.

The situation in Kashmir, where thousands have been killed in the past 1.5 months, has bagged concerns from the United States. The violent breakout in Kashmir happened right after the killing of a young militant on July 8, by the Indian militants, in the Indian held Kashmir.

“We encourage all sides to make efforts to find a peaceful solution to this.” Said the State Department spokesman John Kirby when asked about the current violence in Kashmir. “We are obviously concerned by the violence and we want to see the tensions de-escalated.”

Speaking in ‘favor’ of what was said by the US State Dept. Spokesperson, Modi came up with ‘immense’ compassion regarding the disputed the Himalayan territory, “From the interactions I have had with all the parties regarding the situation in Kashmir, one thing has emerged, which can be put in simple words as Ekta and Mamata. These two things were the basic mantra.” Said the Indian Prime Minister during his monthly radio address.

Furthermore, Modi added, “It is the view of all of us, of 125 Crore people from a Pradhan of a village to the prime minister, that if any life is lost in Kashmir, whether of any youth or any security man, that loss is ours.”

Also, the Indian Prime minister said, that all the Indian parties have sent a message to the world and to the separatists, that they stand together with the people of Kashmir.

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