Atleast 210 killed as 7.the earthquake near Iran-Iraq border

Atleast 210 killed as 7.the earthquake near Iran-Iraq border


The 7.3-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Iranian province of Kermanshah, bordering Iraq. Local media speak of about a thousand injured.

More than 210 people died and more than 800 were injured by a strong earthquake that occurred today on the Iran-Iraq border, the Iranian government reported.

The provisional death toll has now reached to 210 and the number of injured, 866, said the Interior Ministry in Tehran. Local media had previously reported at least 1,000 wounded.

The most affected populations in Iran were Ghasr Shirin, Sarpul and Azgale, although it is still difficult to quantify the damages due to the cuts produced in the mountain roads since both the telephone communications and the electrical system have been cut.

The governor’s office said that helicopters and sniffer dogs will only be able to start work by daylight, because the area is without power.

In Iraq, the Government of the autonomous region of Kurdistan reported the death toll, without specifying its number, and “more than 500 injured” in the border province of Sulaymaniyah.

According to local authorities, at least four people were killed in the town of Darbandiján, located a few kilometers from the border.

He also felt in Kuwait and Turkey

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.2, while the Center for Geographical Research in Germany ranked at 7.3.

Both specialized institutes noted that the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Halabja region of northern Iraq, 200 kilometers northeast of the capital, Baghdad, and about 400 kilometers west of the Iranian, Tehran.

Karte | Grenzgebiet Iran Iraq entlang der Provinz Kermanschah - Detail -ENG (GoogleMaps)

Kurdish cities in Iraq such as Halabja, Erbil and Duhok were also shaken by the quake, Kurdish news agency Rudaw said. Other press reports indicated that the shock could be felt in Kuwait and parts of Turkey.

For his part, Turkish Health Minister Ahmed Demircan offered help for northern Iraq, Turkish state news agency Anadolu said.

The International Rescue Committee said on Twitter that its
teams in Iraq “monitor the earthquake today and are waiting to respond.”

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