Mugabe is arrested and preparing to resign, says press


A confusing situation affects Zimbabwe. The armed forces deny a coup, but detained ministers and surrounded Parliament.

The confusing situation that affects this Wednesday (15.11.2017) to Zimbabwe after the military intervention, which the high command of the Army refuses to call coup, continues to give news. According to the South African TV channel News24 , President Robert Mugabe (93), who governs the African country since 1980, would be preparing his resignation, while negotiating the possibility that Grace, his wife and who is seen as who really ruled, can leave the country.

The media, which ensures that information will be made official during the day, adds that both the presidential family and its environment are under military custody. Until now, we only know what a military spokesman said in a statement: that President Mugabe is “safe.” Meanwhile, during the day, soldiers have deployed to the capital, Harare, blocking access to the military. Parliament, ministries and the same office of Mugabe.

However, the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, assures that Mugabe is effectively under house arrest. “President Zuma spoke early in the morning with President Mugabe, who told him that he is confined to his home, but that he is in good condition,” the South African government said in a statement.

Also three ministers were detained in their own residences, according to the Zimbabwean newspaper NewsDay . These are the head of Finance, Ignatius Chombo, the Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo, and the Local Government, Public Works and Housing and political commissar at the national level of the ruling African National Union of Zimbabwe-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) , Savior Kasukuwere.

Criminals around the president

The military action would seek, according to experts, to purge a faction known as G40, which seeks to expel from the spheres of power the veterans of the war of independence to pave the way to the presidency for the first lady, Grace Mugabe (52 ). This group would have impelled the dismissal of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who fought in the war and who from South Africa promised that he would return to lead the country’s future.

Shortly after the forced departure of Mnangagwa, the head of the Army, Constantine Chiwenga, warned that “corrective measures” would be taken if the purge of veterans continued. The threat became a reality with an action that military commanders describe as the arrest of “criminals.” “We are looking for criminals who surround (Mugabe) and who are committing crimes. As soon as we fulfill our mission we hope that everything returns to normal, “said Major General Sibusiso Moyo reading a statement.

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