“My brain is my enemy” writes an Indian news anchor as she suicides

“My brain is my enemy” writes an Indian news anchor as she suicides


An Indian news anchor, Venkannagari Radhika Reddy, 36, committed suicide by jumping off from her fifth floor’s terrace in Hyderabad, India. This incident is reported to have occurred soon after she anchored the 9 P.M news bulletin for a Telegu television channel on a Sunday night.

“She left her bag in the flat and went straight to the terrace of the five-storeyed apartment and jumped from there. She died on the spot due to multiple injuries to her head and limbs,” Kukatpalli assistant police commissioner Bhujanga Rao stated.

The police, however, managed to discover a suicide note that states that she committed suicide because of depression but accused nobody responsible for her death.

“My brain is my enemy,” she said in the suicide note.

Radhika was a six months old divorcee and had been residing with her parents and sister, according to her colleagues.

“She has a 14-year old son who has been suffering from autism. But she never talked about her family problems in office and was always jovial. She was an efficient worker and anchored several programmes, particularly devotional programmes,” one of the news correspondents of the channel said under anonymity.

He also said Radhika had read her last news bulletin normally, without showing any kind of emotion. “We never expected that she would take such an extreme step,” he lamented.

The investigation is underway as the Kukatpalli police registered a case of suspicious death.

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