Nation Brazenly Trolled Maryam Nawaz

Nation Brazenly Trolled Maryam Nawaz


Daughter of the sitting Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been constantly trolled. Maryam Nawaz’s social media team is very active and her twitter handle tweet almost on every national issue.

However the nation feels it as a breach in national security. After the speculations about Jindal’s visit and a secret private meeting with the Premier made rounds, Maryam Nawaz tweeted that Jindal is an old friend and there is nothing to make fuss about. This disgusted the Public and “akhir kon hy Maryam” was soon trending on twitter.

People kept asking what authority does she has to comment on such matters. She is just a daughter of Prime Minister and has no other designation which gives her the right to comment on everything related to the government. Her commentary angered nation beyond imagination and some went as far as alleging her to trying to create confusion between state institutions and defaming Pak Army.

Conversely as a reaction to this twitter trend another trend is making rounds on the social media “Maryam qoum ki beti hai”. Although it seems to favor the daughter of Main Sahab but trend is widely being for all the wrong purposes.

Many declared that the only Maryam they believe to be the daughter of the nation is martyred Maryam Mukhtiar. Maryam Nawaz is declared as nosy by the majority on social media with no rights to interfere in governmental businesses.

This nation spares no one and the twitter blatantly called her a “chor ki beti” (thief’s daughter) instead of “qoum ki beti”.

May be Maryam Nawaz needs to choose her words more wisely next time in order to save herself from the backlash.
Amid all this Maryam stayed confident and tweeted to thank all those who made both the trends viral claiming it eventually benefitted her.

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