Netanyahu to Iran: “Do not put us to the test”

Netanyahu to Iran: “Do not put us to the test”


Netanyahu made these warnings during his speech at the Munich Security Conference. He also said that Tehran’s attitude is bringing Israel closer to the Arab world.

The Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned on Sunday (18.02.2018) of the risk of trying to appease Iran, a regime that, in his opinion, is still trying to acquire nuclear capabilities and change the “status quo” in the Middle East. Netanyahu made the remarks when speaking at the Security Conference in Munich, a key forum on the international political agenda, where he also said that Tehran’s attitude is bringing Israel closer to the Arab world.

Iran is “the greatest threat to the world, not only to Israel and the Middle East.” “Once you have a nuclear weapon, it will be harder to stop it,” he warned. The agreement to stop the Iranian nuclear program – signed by the five countries with veto rights in the UN Security Council, together with Germany and the EU, as well as Tehran – is, in his opinion, a strategy of “appeasement” that only brings conflict.

“Approach between Israelis and Arabs”

The Israeli prime minister compared this agreement with that signed by some European powers with Hitler in Munich in 1938 and that did not prevent World War II. “I ask not to repeat the mistakes of the past, appeasement never works,” he said. He also disregarded the controls of the nuclear agreement and said that the most important thing is a “change of attitude” in Iran.

Netanyahu also considered that the Iranian position has a “positive consequence”: that “Arabs and Israelis” are “closer together than ever”, something that can bring “unity” to the region and, perhaps, in the long term, “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians. “The Arabs recognize that Israel is not their enemy, but their ally,” he said. He also assured that he will not allow Iran to establish a corridor of its influence between the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean: “Israel has its red lines” and “Iran tries to cross those red lines”.

“Do not put us to the test”

“We will act without hesitation to defend ourselves,” said Netanyahu, who referred to both Iran and his “adlaters” and showed a supposed fragment of the allegedly Iranian drone that Israel killed a few days ago in its territory. “Do not test the resolution of Israel,” he added and then asked to act “decisively” to “stop this dangerous regime.”

Tehran, he argued, wants to have a “permanent military presence” with naval and air bases in Syria from which to “attack” Israel, which would change “the rules” and balances in the region. “If Al Asad invites Iran militarily, it is obviously challenging us to change our position, it’s a question of Iran and Assad,” he warned. “Iran is trying to change the status quo in Lebanon and Syria, if they do not change it, peace will be maintained, at least non-belligerency,” Netanyahu said.

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