“New Delhi is becoming uninhabitable”: the return of a thick fog that has alarmed the residents of the capital of India

“New Delhi is becoming uninhabitable”: the return of a thick fog that has alarmed the residents of the capital of India


Panic seized the Indian capital, New Delhi, when residents woke up on Tuesday covered by a layer of thick gray fog.

The visibility is bad since the pollution levels in some areas exceeded 30 times the limit recommended by the World Health Organization.

The Indian Medical Association (AMI) declared ” the state of medical emergency” and urged the government to “make every effort to stop this threat”.

Citizens have been publishing images on social networks that show the magnitude of the problem.

“You can barely see the tallest buildings in the neighborhood,” posted user Anant Prabhu.

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“A lone bird challenges the heavy air in downtown New Delhi this morning,” said Paroma Mukherjee.

The levels of fine particles , also known as ” respirable particles  that are measured with the PM 2.5 index, penetrate deep into the lungs and this Tuesday reached up to 700 micrograms per cubic meter in some areas, according to the website. Forecasting and Investigation of Air Quality Time.

The AMI also recommended canceling the city’s half marathon, scheduled for November 19.

The majority of users of social networks have complained about breathing difficulties.

“The air pollution in New Delhi is alarming and I hope that someone is interested in doing something about it, the lives of young children are at risk and this is not the situation we want them to grow in. The time to speak ended. some effective action, “Suhel Seth said.


As public outrage increased over the air pollution crisis, the New Delhi government ordered the closure of primary schools on Wednesday.

And the head of government of the Indian capital, Arvind Kejriwal, said that the city became a “gas chamber”.

Pollution levels tend to skyrocket in winter in New Delhi as farmers in the neighboring provinces of Punjab and Haryana burn to clear their fields.

According to environmentalists and residents, very little has been done to stop this practice despite the fact that New Delhi has been severely polluted for several years.

“New Delhi is becoming uninhabitable, especially for children, as pollution has reached uncontrollable levels,” real estate agent Vipin Malhotra told AFP.

The low wind speed, the dust of the sites under construction, the burning of garbage in the capital and the fireworks used in the festivals also contribute to increase pollution levels.

The government approved a plan in October to combat some of these problems.

The program includes traffic restrictions and the closure of a power plant.

Last year the number of cars circulating in an attempt to curb pollution was also tested to restriction.

But none of the measures seem n to have had much impact.

Some Twitter users believe that the problem needs a long-term solution.

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