New Year Calls for New Wedding Regulations in Islamabad

New Year Calls for New Wedding Regulations in Islamabad


People in Punjab are known to be very particular about weddings and other festivities with it comes to punctuality, ensuring that they end at an earlier time, or as mutually decided. Whilst, in Sindh these functions are likely to continue way past midnight. How ironic?

The notice issued by Ordinance 2000 states the following: 

  1. Locals have been tasked to ensure wedding festivities end by 10 P.M sharp
  2. Strictures have been imposed to ensure minimal or no wastage, by limiting refreshments to ‘One Dish’ only – A policy that was highly anticipated
  3. Fireworks and fire-crackers are strictly prohibited as they create undue pandemonium and commotion in the neighborhood.
  4. Other sources of celebratory explosives, firearms and firing are also banned under strict notice.

Hereby, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has shared the official notice which has already started spreading like wildfire. Have a look at what is up next:



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