North Korea reaffirms intention to address denuclearization

North Korea reaffirms intention to address denuclearization


North Korea assured the United States that a possible summit between presidents Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un could address the dismantling of the nuclear arsenal.

North Korea informed the United States that its leader, Kim Jong-un, is open and prepared to talk about denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, according to The Wall Street Journal (08.04.2018) , citing official US sources. .

News from The Wall Street Journal comes a day after CNN revealed the existence of a secret channel between Washington and Pyongyang to prepare the next summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump.

The specific date is unknown

The director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, whom Trump nominated to be secretary of state, has been directing the talks for the summit, which is scheduled for late May or early June. However, the exact date and location of the possible meeting is still unknown, as the North Koreans want it to take place in Pyongyang, while the possibility is being considered to be in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

The possible meeting will take place after a very tense year between the two leaders, in which North Korea has carried out several ballistic missile tests, to which Trump responded with harsh warnings and even qualifying Kim with derogatory names such as “Little man rocket”. Kim, in turn, has challenged calls from the global community to stop his tests and has referred to Trump as an “idiot.”

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