North Korea regrets cancellation of summit with Trump

North Korea regrets cancellation of summit with Trump


Through a statement, Pyongyang expressed its willingness to meet, arguing that Kim Jong-un has made “maximum efforts” to finalize the meeting.

The North Korean Government regretted the decision of the United States to cancel the summit agreed for next June 12 between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore, and through a statement published this Friday (05.25.2018) said that Being willing to sit down to negotiate, because the suspension of the meeting supposes an “extremely lamentable” scenario.

In the text, released by the state news agency KCNA, the North Korean Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kim Kye-gwan, said that “once again we confirm to the United States our willingness to sit face to face at any time and in any format to solve the problem”. He also stressed that Kim Jong-un has made “maximum efforts” to finalize the meeting.

Kim Kye-gwan added that the North Korean supreme leader had been preparing for the meeting, saying that the meeting with Trump was “a good start” to improve relations and ensure peace on the Korean peninsula. When Trump announced that the meeting was canceled, North Korea had dismantled its nuclear testing site.

Insults from both parties

“We valued the efforts of President Trump, which were unprecedented in other leaders, to carry out this historic North Korea-United States summit.” However, it was Trump himself who decided to cancel the meeting. , arguing that Pyongyang had acted with “open hostility,” and warning the country’s leaders not to act “stupidly.”

In a letter to Kim Jong-un, Trump announced that he would not participate in the June 12 meeting, accusing North Korea of breaking a series of commitments. On Thursday, Pyongyang had called on US Vice President Mike Pence to be “ignorant and stupid,” which was used by Trump to justify his decision. “Unfortunately, based on the open hostility shown in his most recent statement, I believe that it is not appropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned appointment, “Trump wrote.

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