North Korean Diplomat Allegedly Beaten in Karachi

North Korean Diplomat Allegedly Beaten in Karachi


A North Korean diplomat has alleged that tax officials raided his place , slapped and photographed him and his wife last month. In a written letter sent to the taxing authorities, the North Korean Embassy, demanded action, failure to which could impact diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The letter reads that 10 armed officers from the Excise and Taxation department raided the house of the Korean official and dragged his wife by hair. The officials also slapped on face and photographed both of them. CCTV cameras installed at the premises have recorded the incident, the footage now forwarded to concerned officials.

“This is a very serious issue and we have set up a high-powered investigating team to probe into the allegations framed by the Korean embassy,” Shoaib Siddiqui, chief of the department told AFP.

The severity of the matter could be gauged by the fact that diplomats are protected under international law and such raids without following proper legal courses in not acceptable. If proven this could harm Pakistan’s reputation internationally.

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