Pakistan gradually becoming the hub of sexual assaults? 6 minors allegedly abducted

Pakistan gradually becoming the hub of sexual assaults? 6 minors allegedly abducted


KASUR: Six minors were allegedly abused here in separate cases on Saturday and Sunday.

On the other hand, police have still not recovered a five-year-old boy of Bhasarpura who has been missing since last two weeks.

Moreover, Kasur police also raided mobile phone shops over the last two days selling obnoxious video clips to customers in exchange for money. On Sunday, Kasur, Allahabad, Phoolnagar and Khudian police arrested over a dozen shopkeepers, recovered their laptops and computers containing obnoxious material and registered cases against them under Section 293 of PPC.

On Saturday evening, four suspects allegedly abducted two minor boys, ‘Z’ and ‘A’, while they were returning home after watching a kabaddi match at Eid Gah ground in Mustafabad. The boys were forcibly taken to an outhouse in the village and allegedly tortured them before being sexually assaulted.

‘A’ managed to rush home and inform his family, while ‘Z’ remained at the outhouse in a critical state. A’s family and other villagers hastened to the spot and recovered Z, while the suspects managed to flee already. The villagers took the boys to Mustafabad police station where police allegedly refused to register a case.

The infuriated villagers protested against police and blocked the Ferozepur Road in front of the police station for about two hours. They shouted slogans against police and demanded registration of a case and arrest of the suspected rapists.

Later on the assurance of District Police Officer (DPO) Zahid Nawaz Marwat that justice would prevail, the protesters dispersed peacefully. Police registered a case and are probing deep into this matter.

Meanwhile, a barber in village Kot Mavati was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl.

Another man was booked for raping a five-year-old boy in village Badth Kalan and police were conducting raids to arrest him.

Having said that, a 20-year-old man allegedly raped a six-year-old boy at a tuition centre in Basti Chiragh Shah. Police claimed to have arrested the suspect and registered a case against him. B Division police booked a man for allegedly raping a seven-year-old boy in Bhasarpura.

Separately, a five-year-old boy of Bhasarpura has been missing for two weeks since he went to a shop near his house. Law enforcement agencies are making definite efforts to trace him.

DPO Marwat on Saturday said police had established a DNA profile bank, adding that over 20,000 DNA profiles had been obtained so far and a record maintained to trace out suspects in future. He also said that Kasur police were collecting details of individuals in most vulnerable areas of Kasur.

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