Pakistan Requests UK To Convict Altaf Hussain Under International Laws

Pakistan Requests UK To Convict Altaf Hussain Under International Laws


Pakistan has formally requested the British government to run a trial against the Muttehida Qaumi Movement, Chief Altaf Hussain, after his hatred filled speech, bagged him massive criticism.

It all started on August 22nd, Monday, when Altaf Hussain gave an Anti-Pakistan speech, during his telephonic address at the Karachi Press Club, directing his party workers to ‘enforce’ justice, by causing a deteriorating situation in Karachi. Amidst the rampage, at least one person died and half a dozen were wounded, as the protesting crowd proceeded through the busy streets of Karachi, setting vehicles on fire and clashing with the security authorities.

Altaf Hussain’s damage causing remarks were so hateful that a wave of aggression swept over the entire nation, demanding Altaf Hussain to be arrested and his party Muttehida Qaumi Movement (MQM) be banned from working in the future. Seeing the rising tension created by their chief, the MQM leaders have decided to disown Altaf Hussain, saying that all the party affairs will now be run by the MQM’s Pakistan Wing.

According to a spokesperson for the interior ministry, while sharing the details of legal reference with the media, Altaf Hussain has damaged British law as well as ruptured worldwide laws; in this way, he ought to be sentenced by laws. The inside service’s representative kept up that proof of Altaf’s provocative discourse has additionally been imparted to the British government.

Conferring to what the sources had said further, Pakistan has stressed on the recording that are the evidence of Altaf Hussain’s incitement for the violence. The British government has always given a high value to the freedom of expression in the country, however, the country stands against those who attack the media, as they are considered as an offense to their country. The official had added on, “Therefore, the reference carries evidences which prove Altaf’s speech was a violation of the right to freedom of expression.”

Along with the other proofs sent to the British government, a copy of an FIR has also been attached as a reference, with the transcript of his speech, and also some photographs of the MQM workers attacking the media offices, “However, no demand has been made for Altaf’s apprehension.” The official added.

Authorities do not aim to arrest Altaf Hussain yet, as he does not have a Pakistani passport yet, although, they hope that the British authorities would take an action against him with respect to all the evidences Pakistani government has provided them with.

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