Pakistani actress and beautician, Shagufta Ejaz transforms as she shed weight. Details unveiled right here!

Pakistani actress and beautician, Shagufta Ejaz transforms as she shed weight. Details unveiled right here!


Pakistani drama actress and beautician Shagufta Ejaz recently had a weight loss transformation, credits: daughter, Anya Ali Siddiqui.

Anya, who herself has shed quite a few kilograms during the weight loss game, helped her mother actress Shagufta lose a few extra pounds.

Transformation week/interactive posts day 3 with momma 🐻 What is the fastest way to lose weight? There may be lots of ‘fast’ ways to lose weight but they will never be the right ones. I always emphasise on how fitness is not just about how good you look, it’s about how good you feel just as much. All these promising 7 day, 14 day, 20 day diets do NOT help you drop fat. They cause water retention which cause you to drop the pounds on the scale but the moment you come back to a normal lifestyle, you will gain it all back and maybe even more because you are putting your body in a severe caloric deficit and eventually adapting your body to a lesser intake. My clients get to eat bread, rice, an occasional chocolate, weekly to 15 day cheat meals and still lose a good amount of weight and they feel great too. Losing weight isn’t about eating less, it’s about eating the right stuff. Remember, slow and steady wins the race 🤗

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Momma getting there 😍😍

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Shagufta’s daughter Anya runs an Instagram fitness page that claims to be Pakistan’s first online fitness organization.

A few recent posts that Anya has posted shows how much weight Shagufta has lost through her journey on fitness.

One of our best transformations by Anya Ali who lost a total of 106 lbs and now works with GetFit as our meal plan constructor to help you reach your goals. "I weighed 231 lbs when i decided to start doing something about my weight since it had started affecting my health as well. It was March 2015 when i started my journey towards fitness and I don't remember ever looking back. I tried my hardest and ended up seeing good results but for all those who have ever been through this know how devastating a weight loss plateau can be and at some time around mid 2016 i hit a terrible weight loss plateau at 176 lbs and nothing was working for me. My weight was stuck for months and it was making me miserable. That's when i decided to seek professional help and came across GetFit and it became my turning point. I started seeing instant results without having to starve myself or without any kind of steroids or pills. I didn't lose the freshness of my face neither did i start looking anorexic and that's what i loved about them. All the coaches on the team were so cooperative even when i became super annoying. It is because of GetFit that people look up to me now and acknowledge my struggle. "I weigh 115 lbs now (Still 15lbs from my goal weight) and I'm privileged to be working with the same people that got me here. I've understood in these 3 years that weight loss takes time and you have to be patient with it and stay consistent. That's what i tell all my clients as well. It's very normal to reach a point in your weight loss journey where you stop dropping numbers on the scale but it's nothing to stress about, reaching a plateau only means you've lost a good amount of weight so be proud 🙂 it's also okay to binge a little and that's why i always make sure my clients get their cheat meals so they don't feel deprived and over indulge later. Having studied medicine I know how unhealthy drastic weight loss can be and I'll always discourage it. I've been working with GetFit as their meal plan constructor for 5 months now and it's an amazing experience getting to meet all sorts of new people and helping them reach their goal".

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Transformation Week Day 1~ This post is going to be an interactive session on some common problems everyone faces while trying to lose weight. Please note that no questions regarding a definitive diet and workout plan will be entertained due to legal commitments with the organisation I work for. So beginning todays session, One of the questions I’m asked very frequently is: 1- What motivated you to start working towards weight loss? I think it needs to come from within you. I had been bullied and called names and made fun of for a long time but that didn’t really make a difference instead I think it used to bring me down even more. Going to boutiques and never finding anything of your size was another major con and don’t even get me started on the “moti larkiyon ke rishtey nahin hotay”. It’s the ultimate best seller in desi aunty dictionary. But if just these things were enough to inflict a change, obese people wouldn’t exist because this is literally everything every overweight person goes through. I stood infront of the mirror one day. Had a good look at myself and asked myself. Is this how I want to look for the rest of my life? And the answer was hell no. I asked myself that will my losing weight benefit the bullies the haters the desi aunties? And the answer was no again. I asked myself if i stayed like this and worse my whole life will i ever be confident about my body? No again. So should i do something about it? YES. I decided that day, two years ago to have my last double cheese burger upsize meal and start the next morning and that’s what i did. I have never looked back. I’m not saying I’ve never had a cheeseburger. I’ve had plenty (trust me) but in a way that they didn’t do any damage. I’ve come down to 63(fluctuates between 59-64) from 105 kgs and I’ve only gotten stronger, happier, more confident and healthier. So do it for yourself and you only. If you’ve got any progress stories, be it 1 kg or 10. I’d love to hear them. I’ll also be answering all questions on this post for 24 hours. Lets do this 💪🏼

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In her bio, Anya writes that she is the ‘brand ambassador and meal plan constructor’ of the former page.

Not just Shagufta, but Anya too has shared many pictures from her own transformation in to a much healthier body, apparently.


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