Pakistani cricketers stranded in Uganda after sponsors desert league

Pakistani cricketers stranded in Uganda after sponsors desert league


KARACHI: Several Pakistani cricketers were left stranded in Kampala, Uganda, after sponsors pulled out of a deal with the T20 event in which the players were due to participate.

The league, Afro T20 Cup, which was delayed earlier for a few days, was ultimately cancelled after sponsors decided to pull out of the deal.

“It is very frustrating, we are here for so many days and the league is now cancelled,” said a player who was due to participate in the league.

The player confirmed that they didn’t receive any of the committed amounts from the organisers of the league.

“They are saying that money will be paid to us but we haven’t received anything as we speak,” the player added.

He also confirmed that they were finding it difficult to reschedule their flights back home due to the huge variations in ticket prices.

Several Pakistani players were due to participate in the league. According to the available list, the team Warrior Hippos was to be captained by first class cricketer Saad Altaf with Pakistan’s former star Saeed Ajmal in the side along with Mukhtar Ahmed, Mohammad Khalil and Shakeel Ansar.

Humayun Farhat and Riaz Afridi were named in the Royal Elephants’ squad. Shahid Yousuf and Irfan Fazil were to play for the Rising Zebras side.

Hasan Raza was captaining the Charging Leopards team, fast bowler Imran Khan was also part of the Leopards’ squad while opening batsman Yasir Hameed was leading the Mighty Rhinos squad in the Afro T20 League.

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