Party Shut Down In Lahore After Cleric Threatens ‘Consequences’


Police shut down a party at a Lahore water park on Saturday, May 6, allegedly after a cleric threatened to attack it in a phone call to the area station house officer (SHO).

The cleric, in a phone call, identified himself as the president of the Sunni Tehreek’s Lahore division Mujahid Abdul Rasool Khan, was heard telling the area SHO to, “shut the party down, as you will be the one facing the consequences for it.”

“You’re the one who’s going to lose his job over this,” the cleric threatened.

“This is Pakistan, not India, that the DCO can allow a party like this to go ahead […] You shut that party down and tell me once it’s done,” he said.

Police subsequently intervened and stopped the party at midnight. Attendees were asked to leave immediately.
Over 3,000 guests were at the event organised by Mango Entertainment, which took the necessary approvals for the event from the district coordination officer (DCO).

Credit: Dawn

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