‘Play More’, PM Nawaz Directs DJ


LAYYAH: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday launched a broadside against his political opponents, likening them to “enemies who are hell-bent on halting progress in the country”.

“The enemies of Pakistan have been sabotaging and creating hurdles in the way of its development,” said the prime minister while performing the ground-breaking of the 1.5km long, four-lane bridge over the Indus River to link Layyah with Taunsa — two major cities in southern Punjab.

In a harshly-worded statement, the prime minister said: “There is no comparison between a lion and a jackal. Even 100 jackals can’t defeat a single lion.”

He said those claiming to make a new Pakistan instead made Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa look older.

Without naming PTI chairman Imran Khan, Sharif said: “Our opponents are used to throwing abuse on a daily basis, but we do not reply in the same language. How come abusers become leaders of Pakistan? They cannot even control their tongues, how come they will lead Pakistan?”

He continued: “During the past four years, they didn’t talk about anything good. They are liars, backbiters and their agenda is to harm the country’s progress.”

The prime minister appreciated the “presence of a huge crowd” and said the mini gatherings of opponents “cannot compete with this mile-long procession of people”.

He also expressed confidence that the PML-N would win the 2018 general elections.

On the demand of MNA Syed Saqlain Bukhari, the prime minister announced the provision of cheap electricity to farmers. He said gas would be provided to the people of Karor Lal Esan tehsil in Layyah district.

Sharif said load-shedding would be done away with soon as many power projects were underway.

About the bridge linking Layyah and Tauunsa, he said it would, on completion, considerably reduce distance between the two cities.

He also promised remodelling of Thal Canal. He said the government was particularly concerned about people’s health, and the residents of Layyah would soon be provided with health cards.

Earlier, the prime minister laid the foundation stone of the Layyah-Taunsa bridge on the Indus River. Costing Rs7 billion, the bridge will cut down a distance of 180km to just 24km, enabling people to reach the Indus Highway from Layyah in just 30 minutes.

Punjab Governor Rafique Rajwana, Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali and Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique also accompanied the prime minister.

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